• Over 15 Years Of Design Experience                     Third Generation Craftsman                     Quality Craftsmanship                     Design Specialist                     One-Stop Design Center                     Dream kitchens                     Commercial Millwork Specialist                     Modern Kitchens                     Contemporary Kitchens                     Shaker Style Kitchens                     Custom Built-ins

Your custom furniture involves a simple seven step process

  1. Reviewing images of desired work
  2. Creating & discussing functional layout that compliments decor/styles
  3. Creating custom shop drawings (CAD)
  4. Client review & approval
  5. Applying changes
  6. Providing samples of colors + materials
  7. Delivery & installation in a timely manner

Here at Hampton Woodworks we take the time to consult person-to-person face-to-face with our clients Gathering their personal photographs of the kitchens that they like the most to build their dream kitchen to bring pleasure to their home for years to come. Providing shop drawings explaining in detail what the homeowner’s custom Cabinetry will look like before the first piece of wood ever gets cut. We pride ourselves in bringing function and creativity to your living space. Always maximizing cabinet storage all of your families belongings with a location suitable for easy access.

Now that you have found the qualified contractor for your project!